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Academic Transcription

KaziRemote partnered with Professors from Wageningen University from Netherlands. A large international NGO based in Netherlands needed to understand their impact in areas of interest around the world. The organisation worked with Wageningen Professors, to conduct a series of online interviews with people from different regions in the world.
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Understanding the Digital Economy in Kenya

The digital economy in Kenya is seen to bring in more opportunities and if leveraged properly, create jobs and alleviate poverty. Qhala, a Kenyan company that works on digital solutions conducted a research to understand the digital economy through the lens of the youth working on digitally enabled jobs.
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Editing Videos and Transcribing and Subtitling Videos to create Datasets for Machine Learning

Brave New World, an American future tech company whose core business is machine learning partnered with KaziRemote to create datasets for a machine learning project. We worked with a team of PHD tech professors to create audio to text algorithms that could understand how 2, 3 and 4 years old American kids speak.
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Reliving an Important Rite of Passage of Great Historical Significance

In the last century, the event of world war I and world war II were defining moments that influenced entire generations. Kazi remote had the privilege of working on a 7-month project for Stanford University & Ellis Island Museum providing Oral History transcripts taken from interviews from American citizens who passed through Ellis Island during their journey as immigrants from Europe during world war I & II.
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Reliving Major Leagues Baseball in the Golden Era of Lon Angeles Dodgers During the 50s and 60s

Working in partnership with Bavasi Sports Partners, Kazi remote had the privilege of providing transcription services when the legendary Major league baseball player Al “the bull” Ferrara was writing his autobiography from February 2016 to April 2016.
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Transcribing the Science Behind the Case

Our legal services division provides a crucial value addition to a multitude of legal processes. Our experts work with an obligation to confidentiality, discretion and privacy.
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