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Kazi remote stands as among the top culturally diverse transcription service providers globally, its inception 5 years ago. With over 100 experienced transcribers globally and still growing, we convert more than 1,000 minutes of dictation every hour into clear and accurate transcripts.

There’s a reason we’ve been delivering high-quality transcripts documentation for over 5 years; that’s because of our unparalleled quality and attention to detail. Our cost-competitive transcription services span across different niches; medical transcription, video transcription, audio text transcription, podcast transcription, among others.

We are backed by technology-enabled checks and controls at every stage of the transcript process, providing you with top-quality transcripts.

Quality support and customer are the difference between Kaziremote and other transcription service providers. We operate as a seamless department extension through a dedicated customer relationship manager and automated reporting for unparalleled process visibility.


Podcast Transcription

Repurpose your content as Podcasts for increased SEO engagement

Legal Transcription

Secure, accurate legal transcripts for all your case files


Repurpose educational transcripts as study guides & lesson notes


Edit audio files for research or derivative content

Medical Transcription

Accurate, HIPAA compliant solution for medical transcription

Strategic Marketing

Accurate, transcription of marketing content from interviews, product research


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5 day Turnaround time
3 day Turnaround time
1 day Turnaround time
6-12 hours Turnaround time
<120 minutes- $0.90/min
<120 minutes- $0.95/min
<120 minutes- $1.15/min
<120 minutes- $2.15/min
120+ minutes- $0.85/min
120+ minutes- $0.90/min
120+ minutes- $1.10/min
120+ minutes- $2.10/min
480+ minutes -$0.80/min
480+ minutes -$0.85/min
480+ minutes -$1.05/min
480+ minutes -$2.05/min
960+ minutes- $0.75/min
960+ minutes- $0.80/min
960+ minutes- $1/min
960+ minutes- $2/min


We, the Media Services Team at Genpact have been working with Frida, the founder of KaziRemote Limited over the past many years on several transcription projects. During our partnership with her, we have found her to be a very reliable transcriptionist with excellent communication skills. She is committed to her work and is very prompt, responsive and works well under pressure too. Her enthusiasm and flexibility at work have consistently impressed us. Her contribution has been adding value to our business and services. We strongly recommend her for any type of transcription requirements.
The Ranger Campus Foundation aims at supporting wildlife rangers and their management in the field, in order to conserve biodiversity. We do this through eLearning courses, but also through face-to-face training courses. As part of our work, we conduct interviews with training participants before and after their training, to find out more about their experiences and impact they may have had in the field. This is where KaziRemote comes in, providing a crucial service for us through transcription of these interviews. Frida, to date, has saved us many hours of work, and does so in a pleasant and fast manner while keeping the required attention to detail. It has been an absolute pleasure working with KaziRemote, and we could not recommend their services more
Dominique Noome
Rangers Campus
Frida is exceptional with Deadlines! If you are looking for a dedicated person to take control of your important work, I can't say enough about Frida and her willingness to help and be on time with what you need done. Frida is first on my list as the go-to-person to rely on to get the job done on time. Whenever proofing her work, it is so obvious how much she cares in sending me her best at all times. Do not hesitate one second to hire her again and again -- and that's exactly what I do!!
Jenn Stevens
Around the clock transcription
Frida was very good at communication, reacted quickly and responsibly. She was patient with a first timer as well. (Me!) on UpWork. I really can't say enough good things about how well she did the work of transcribing video interviews. A much needed task to assist me in editing, granted, but mundane none the less. I will definitely be hiring her again!
Greg Kubitsheck
Stanley Health Care
For a development project in East Africa we needed a highly skilled transcriptionist and Swahili translator to work on a series of interviews. Frida did an excellent job and I look forward to working with her again. The milestones were successfully completed, often before the deadline. Frida is extremely professional and reachable online. I recommend her 100%!
Marcus Andreas
Frida is fabulous. We had a transcription project for an upcoming book. Frida transcribed the audio files of the many hours the author spent interviewing the book's subject, a former Major League Baseball player. And, in keeping with baseball, let me say that Frida touched all the bases. This was long-term project and she was steady, thorough, and punctual throughout.
Robert Bavasi
Bavasi Sports Partners
We hired Frida to work as the proofreader on a transcription project. We are happy with her performance and will contact again for future work
Denise Geler
Green Translations
I want to thank you for your good and speedy work Frida, it’s been a pleasure working with you. Hopefully I’ll be back to you with future projects.
Margit Vanwessel
Wageningen University
Was extremely happy with the work Frida did. I got quality video interviews and transcriptions
Anders Andersen
UserTribe Denmark
Thank you very much for carrying out the work. We are pleased with the work. Looking forward to working with you again in the future
Nasubo Ogoma
Wonderful Job!! Above and beyond!
Giovanni Ciavarra
Innovative Science Solutions


How much do you charge?

Transcription charges start from $0.75 per audio minute.  This is equals to $45 per hour of recorded audio or video file. The price is dependent on the turnaround time and volumes of files.

Do you offer discounts for large volumes of work?

Yes, we offer discounts for large volumes of work.

How do you guarantee quality and accuracy?

We have a three step process to ensure quality is adhered to. Our transcribers are highly skilled to produce accurate work. We also have proofreaders and a quality assurance team that checks all transcripts before they are submitted to our clients.

What is your standard turnaround time?

Standard turnaround time for 1 hour of recorded audio or video file is in 24 hours. We give our clients the options to choose their preferred turnaround times that do not go beyond 5 days.

Do you take rush jobs?

Yes, we do take rush jobs. Rush jobs are jobs that require 6-12 hours’ turnaround time. Rush jobs are charged at a higher rate.  You can see this from the table on our transcription service page.

Do you offer transcription in other languages?

Yes, we offer transcription services in English, Swahili and Kenyan local languages.

What files format do you accept?

We accept links to streaming videos or audios on the web. We accept the following file formats MP3, MP4, WMV, AIF, M4A, MOV, AVI, VOB, AMR, WMA, OGG, AAC, and WAV

Who will transcribe my files?

We have a team of remote expert transcribers working on your files.

What format will I receive my transcripts in?

Transcripts are sent in word processing programs such as MS word/ Appleworks.

How is my information kept confidential?

Kazi Remote has a privacy policy and all our information is protected from unauthorized access. Our remote team has signed NDAs and confidentiality agreements. The team also works on our secure platform.

Does Kazi Remote sign an NDA?

Yes, although we have strict privacy policies, we also sign NDAs with clients who prefer to work with NDAs.

Where can I find more information on your privacy policy?

Check our privacy policy on our website.

How do I make my payment?

We offer a secure checkout payment process that allows us to accept credit cards and direct bank transfers.

How do you protect my payment information?

We do not store your payment infomation


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