The emergence of the pandemic led people to utilize a wide range of webinars, video conferencing, and podcasting applications as a strategy for business continuity due to social distancing restrictions imposed by countries.

Companies started looking for ways to repurpose the video and audio content into written content. Transcription was identified as the ideal solution. So, what is transcription?

Transcription is a process that involves listening to voice recordings and converting them into written documents. It requires patience and quality training to produce an accurate written version of voice recordings that could consist of multiple speakers.


Benefits of Transcriptions to Companies:

Content Accessibility  to People with Hearing Disabilities

Converting your audio content to written content will allow your deaf customers or those with varying degrees of hearing disabilities to consume your content and become informed about your products or services.


Legal Compliance

Many countries are increasingly enhancing laws and policies to protect persons with disabilities in their countries, to allow them to access the same resources as the rest of the population.  There are hefty fines and penalties in place for companies that fail to comply with these regulations.


Better Comprehension

Research studies undertaken by many organizations such as the Oregon State University found that 52% of students found captions helpful as a learning aid since they improved their comprehension of concepts. Companies can take advantage of this data and actively strive to transcript all of their webinars or company’s training videos.

Does your company have non-native English speakers?

Closed captions have been shown to enhance the viewing experiences of viewers whose native language isn’t English. A study done by the Oregon State University showed that 66% of students learning English as a second language found the captions ‘very’ or ‘extremely helpful.’


Enhances Viewing in Sound Sensitive Environments

If your customers or employees are in sound-sensitive environments, transcribing your online videos allows viewership regardless of location.


Boosts SEO and Video Views

A report undertaken by This American Life (TAL) showed that adding transcripts to online videos boosts Search Engine Optimization (SEO), resulting in higher Search Engine Ranking Results (SERPs).  Online video transcripts include keywords, tags, and search terms derived from the theme of the video. Keywords allow the video content indexing, making it possible for search engines to locate the video and display it on its SERPs.


Locate Video segments within Video Clips

Transcripts make your video searchable and allow searching and locating specific video segments within a video clip. Interactive transcripts allow users to search for keywords within the transcript and view everywhere those keywords appear. This boosts user experience and overall customer satisfaction.


Facilitates Translation to Foreign Languages

Transcribing a video is the first step towards creating subtitles in foreign languages. Statistics indicate that over 80% of YouTube views are from the US, and 8 of the top 10 countries with the highest number of YouTube users are non-English speaking countries.

Therefore, transcribing your videos opens up your company’s products and services to new markets.


Provides Links to Text

The text found in transcripts can be hyperlinked, allowing cross-promotion to other content pieces across different media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Factors to Consider when Choosing a Transcription Service Provider

Working with a professional transcription service provider comes with a guarantee of quality transcripts. There are several providers on the market, but not all of them are equal.

Here are a couple of factors to consider when choosing a transcription service provider:


Turnaround Time

How long does the transcription service provider take to complete orders or varying workloads? Good transcription services can deliver orders within a short time and with great accuracy. They should be able to offer same-day turnaround services for those clients on a tight schedule.


Experienced Transcribers

Don’t compromise on quality by working with transcription service providers that lack experienced and qualified transcribers. Here’s the thing: the best companies will only hire transcribers who have passed grammar, punctuation, and accuracy tests.


High Level of Confidentiality

No company wants their company’s data or trade secrets out there in the open? Therefore, when choosing a transcription service provider, get one that guarantees confidentiality.  The advantage of hiring companies with in-house transcribers instead of those found on transcribing platforms is that in-house employees have gone through an intensive vetting process and signed full confidentiality agreements with their employers.


Choose an Established Company

A transcription service provider that has been around for more than five years is often more trustworthy than newer ones. Such companies have most probably undertaken multiple transcription projects for clients with varying difficulties, and therefore their resilience and years in the business are proof of their hard work.


Easy to Contact

A good transcription service provider should have multiple ways to be reached; phone, and email, so you can quickly get answers and support each time you want to do a follow-up on your order.


Secure Delivery of Transcripts

Choose a transcription service provider that can deliver transcripts through an enterprise-level secure email or share-file system. However, they should also be open to using your delivery or uploading system if that’s your preference.


Simplified Pricing Structure

The transcription service provider should have a simplified payment structure and policy.  A good payment structure should provide a price quote for a range of words, as it will give you enough room for manoeuvrability without much change to the total cost of your order.

A turnaround time should also be provided for each range of words, with an option for same-day delivery, of course with a different pricing quote.


Custom Services

Check if the transcription company offers any additional services upon requests, such as custom formatting or transcription. It shouldn’t be a deal-breaker unless it’s a requirement in your transcription order. Several transcription service providers such as Kaziremote also offer content writing, translating, subtitling, and captioning.

Are you looking for a professional Transcription service provider? At Kaziremote, we offer custom transcription services that cater to all types of clients across different industry verticals.  Click here to learn more about our transcription services.

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